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Established in 1924 in the wake of several existing institutions of prestige in the city, the University of Milan soon became one of the country’s leading universities in terms of student intake and numbers of faculty staff. The University’s commitment to both basic and applied research positions is among Italy’s leading generators of results and scientific productivity. An active member of many important domestic and international research programs, the University has also strengthened its policy of worldwide cooperation for study and exchanges by starting new joint international courses and partnership agreements.

Approximately 65,000 students are enrolled at the University. The teaching staff is composed of approximately 2,500 tenured professors and researchers and approximately 3000 adjunct professors. More than 2,300 people work in the technical and administrative sector.

Academic Highlights

The Faculty of Agriculture continues the traditions inherited from the old School of Agriculture, established in Milan in 1871. The competencies present in the Faculty enable it to operate in a wide, articulate context, covering research fields like biochemistry, food science, enology and viticulture.

Within the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences the Degree in Biology, established in 1925, at the time of the foundation of the University of Milan, encompasses research and educational activities ranging from studies addressed to basic biological problems to topics related to advanced applied research in different fields.

The Faculty of Humanities has recently expanded the study and research options without diminishing the existing balance between the possibility of opening up new perspectives and the rigour of its cultural tradition. Research carried out in the Department of Philosophy can be divided into 3 macro-areas:

  1. Reconstruction and historical interpretation of texts and theories, regarding research in theoretical, ethical and aesthetic fields;
  2. Epistemology, philosophy of language (in particular, the theory of reference and semantics), logic, history of logic and philosophy of mathematics, and some research into philosophy of science, with special attention to the cognitive sciences.   

The Department of History of the arts, music and the performing arts originally investigates in order to create a new knowledge within the disciplines of theatre, performance, film and television studies. It explores the relationships between these disciplines and how they are related to other academic fields. Besides, both scholarly and practical research is carried out, aimed at giving a lasting contribution to the development of Italian and foreign theatre, cinema and television.

The Faculty of Political Sciences offers an innovative, stimulating combination of multidisciplinary study courses, supported by the research carried out in the seven Departments that comprise it. The main research fields are Labour studies, political economy and industrial relations.

Language and Culture Courses

Every year the Centre for the Promotion of  the Italian Language and Culture “G. e C. Feltrinelli” (CALCIF) of the University of Milan sets out Italian language courses aimed at foreign students enrolled in the Faculties and at Erasmus students.

Then, since the academic year 2005-06 the Centre has been arranging Italian language courses lasting 100 hours specifically addressed to Chinese students attending courses at the University.

In the past 50 years, every July and August, the CALCIF has also been sorting out international Italian language and culture courses, which take place in Palazzo Feltrinelli in Gargnano del Garda.

The Centre has signed agreements with the Università degli Stranieri di Siena in order to release the CILS certificate and with the Dante Alighieri Society to release the PLIDA business certificate.

The Centre will provide courses fitting the specific needs of USA student’s.

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